PSG Property Management

Our leadership

  • Giby Parackal
  • John W Varghese
  • Sageesh Marappillil / Varsha Khethani
  • Rani Sistla / Bharathi Chada
  • Sujata Vadi
  • Ginu Divakar
A Bit About our company

PSG Property Management

With years of experience, we know Greater Austin real estate market. We’re dedicated to providing a quality renting/managing experience to everyone can trust at an affordable price either Residential or Commercial.

We believe the best way to manage residential and commercial investment assets is by keeping them in a clean and updated condition. Property management demands this. This in turn generates higher market rents, faster leasing, and quality satisfied residents, thereby increasing the asset’s appreciation. Any professional property manager knows that keeping properties in excellent condition is simply better for everyone, the tenant and the owner.

As a property manager, Our legal duty to our clients is “fiduciary” and simply means we serve them as though we own the assets ourselves. It also means our clients’ interests are prioritized to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship. If a deal isn’t good for both parties, it’s just not a good deal.